The choice of bearings for medical equipment is related to life safety

In the medical field, the importance of respiratory physiotherapy equipment is self-evident. It is no exaggeration to say that its performance superiority is related to the effect of customers' physiotherapy experience and even the degree of customers' rehabilitation. Patients need a good physiotherapy environment for rehabilitation physiotherapy or medical treatment. If the fluency of physiotherapy equipment control operation is affected or the secondary interference of the patient's respiratory system is caused by the problem of bearing material selection, it may affect the patient's rehabilitation process and even endanger the patient's life. Therefore, the selection of medical device bearings is particularly important.
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Overview of surveillance camera bearing

Surveillance camera, also known as computer camera, computer eye and electronic eye, is a video input system, which is widely used in real-time monitoring and video conference.
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Taking the bearing of anemometer as an example, the selection of instrument bearing is discussed

When it comes to anemometers, people generally feel very strange. In fact, anemometers are closely related to our lives. It is easy to see these devices in places such as highways or airports.
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随着时代的发展,机器人在人类的生活中占比越来越高,工业机器人、服务 型机器人、航天机器人等。很多机器人是具有形体与躯体的,并且能作为人类优 质工具使用的好机器。
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电机俗称“马达”, 是指依据电磁感应定律实现电能转换或传递的一种电磁装置。它的主要作用是产生驱动转矩,作为用电器或各种机械的动力源。
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