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-High quality Chinese bearing manufacturers, the elimination of the quality and price of zero concerns.. ISO effectively ensure the high price of bearing ,LOTTON will shine on you in China to buy bearing eyes, China bearing quality is a choice, you will find made in Chinese of reliable bearing and provide a quick one station type bearing export business for you.

"One step away, cooperation LOTTON!"
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Quality Related

lottonbearing has special technicians doing quality inspection with the aid of professional equipment.

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We have a complete team, from research and development - production - sales - after-sales services.

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Comparison finds difference. Be aware how better or worse to make premier brands replacement possible.

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Lotton bearing production supply three production bases, integrated digital integrated inventory.

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Why choose us?

  • More reliable on Quality
  • Higher Quality/cost rate
  • Experience on bearing purchase/export
  • High efficiency, low cost
  • Additional QC services
  • Transparency on source
  • Bring customers to the circle of Chinese bearing factories

Bearing Topics

  • How do bearings work?
    How do bearings work?
    How do bearings work? A bearing is a device, basically used to carry a kind of load in the form of a weight, to provide the smooth functioning of an application....
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  • Linear bearing LME30UU
    Linear bearing LME30UU
    Specifications Brand LOTTON Bearing Number LME30UU Weight 272 Dimensions Nominal shaft diameter(mm) 30 Resin retainer LMUU LME30UU Ball circuit 6 Weight(g) 325 L...
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    Precision and skill needed to replace large rolling bearings Replacing the extremely large ......
  • How do bearings work?
    How do bearings work? A bearing is a device, basically used to carry a kind of load in the ......

Customer Service

  • Choosing a proper bearing.
  • Designing a bearing and make drawings
  • Additional quality checking
  • Consult a specific factory information
  • Order Tracking

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